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Hot Italian - The Results Are Worth It
It’s not easy to get a good workout but if you want to get ripped, that’s what ya gotta do. So Hot Italian doesn’t stop for anything. She wants her biceps and triceps to show every rep, and her abs to look as chiseled as possible. So she spends hours in the gym, sweating and working and posing. But aren’t the results worth it?

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Claire - Mature Masturbation in the Gym
Claire is continuing to show the new trainer the ropes, however once she gets him to feel her thigh she seems to only think about masturbating. What as Claire touches her pussy and inserts a finger inside of herself. I'm not sure if gym trainer jobs are really like this, but if they are I think I will change professions.

8Min 34Sec Video


Nicole Savage - Savagely Ripped
Bodybuilder Nicole Savage likes to work out in the gym in the nude which is a great way to check out her incredible muscle and vascularity. We're treated to exquisite views of ripped biceps, glutes and legs. We also catch a glimpse of Nicole's pierced and well-developed big clit.

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Dana - She Likes To Train Naked. It's Working.
Female bodybuilder Dana is doing curls, pushdowns, shrugs, flys, squats and raises naked in the gym, posing, working the mature muscles of her powerful pecs, biceps, legs, glutes, calves and abs. Naked gets results.

5Min 51Sec Video