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Claire - She Used To Hate Leg Day. You'll See Why She Loves It Now. -  05/15/17
Female bodybuilder Claire enjoys being alone in the gym for leg day, because she can work out naked, and stretch the mature muscles of her pecs legs, glutes, biceps, and ripped abs. You'll like being alone with Claire because you can watch her masturbate in close-up, with her fingers and with a gigantic toy.

8Min 3Sec Video


Li'l Doll - Wake My Big Clit Up! -  05/13/17
In the bedroom, mature female bodybuilder Li'l Doll finds her favorite toy and penetrates herself with it while she masturbates her big clit. Enjoy watching her make herself cum in close-up and looking at her muscular pecs, legs, glutes and biceps.

7Min 27Sec Video


Tonya - Close-Up Penetration -  05/10/17
Your first look at naked, ripped, vascular Tonya is close-up, as she opens up her wet pussy, penetrates herself with a huge dildo, and masturbates her big clit. But since you're in the gym, why not admire the mature muscles of her pecs, biceps, abs, legs and calves before she cums all over her toy?

7Min 14Sec Video


Wild Kat - She Likes It Hard And Heavy. And Shows You How. -  05/08/17
Female bodybuilder Wild Kat works the mature muscles of her legs,, glutes, vascular biceps, pecs, and ripped abs at the gym, then poses to show you the results. Then she gets naked so you can watch her on the leg press in close-up.

6Min 35Sec Video