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Willa - "Big Clit, Tiny Pussy"
"I have a big clit and a tiny pussy," Willa says as she penetrates herself with a gigantic toy and masturbates while she's using the leg press at the gym. Enjoy watching the mature muscles of her legs, glutes, calves and abs while she moans and cums, and getting a close-up look at that tiny, satisfied pussy.

5Min 49Sec Video


Sexy Cougar Sydney Relaxes After A Tough Day
Sexy blonde cougar Sydney needs a break after a day of "office drama" - she is SO stressed out! How does Sydney decide to wind down? With her favorite sex toy of course, and judging by how creamy wet her pussy gets I'd say she ends up VERY relaxed!

7Min 17Sec Video


Tonya - Close-Up Penetration
Your first look at naked, ripped, vascular Tonya is close-up, as she opens up her wet pussy, penetrates herself with a huge dildo, and masturbates her big clit. But since you're in the gym, why not admire the mature muscles of her pecs, biceps, abs, legs and calves before she cums all over her toy?

7Min 14Sec Video


Gina Jones - Have You Met Ms. Jones?
Female bodybuilder Gina Jones poses in panties and pantyhose in the bedroom for you, showing off the mature muscles of her biceps, abs, legs, and glutes with a smile. Have you met Ms. Jones? Bet you'd like to.

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Gemma Fucks Herself in the Gym
Gemma is in the gym and she's worked up quite a sweat. In fact, she's taken all of her clothes off and has started masturbating. Since she frequents our gym frequently no one is surprised (or is going to complain) when she breaks out her toy and begins to fuck her asshole with it. Par for the course around these parts!

8Min 45Sec Video


Ginger Martin Pec Bounce Muscle Control
Ginger Martin has some impressive pecs. Ginger Martin has impressive muscle control. When she combines the two, well, you are in for something special. Don't take out word for it - see for yourself!

6Min 14Sec Video


Ginger Martin Gets Better With Time
Super sexy muscle cougar Ginger Martin is fit, ripped, and hot! She certainly gets a kick out of showing off her biceps, ripped abs, and tattooed pecs. Ginger is like fine wine, she gets better with time. Don't you agree?

6Min 4Sec Video


Mandy Foxx - She's Ready To Play. Want To Watch?
Mature, flexible female muscle porn star Mandy Foxx relaxes by taking off her panties, masturbating, and penetrating herself with a toy while you enjoy looking at her vascular biceps, sexy pecs, and tight abs.

4Min 40Sec Video


Goddess of Iron - The Leg Press Is No Toy. But's That's How She Uses It.
Female muscle porn star and bodybuilder Goddess of Iron is naked on the leg press in the gym, masturbating her big clit and using a toy to penetrate herself while you enjoy watching in close-up and look at her ass, the mature muscles of her pecs, glutes and legs, her ripped, tattooed abs, and her vascular biceps.

7Min 24Sec Video


Li'l Doll - "Do You Want To Touch Me?"
In the bedroom, female bodybuilder Li'l Doll whispers, "Do you want to touch me?" as you watch her masturbate her wet pussy and big swollen clit and play with her ass in close-up. The mature muscles of her pecs, biceps, abs, legs, glutes and calves will make you answer "Yes!"

6Min 39Sec Video


WildKat - Hard And Lean
Female bodybuilder Wild Kat's posing in the Bedroom to show you how hard and lean she is, taking off her panties and stroking the strong, mature muscles of her biceps, pecs, legs and glutes. "I sure could use a massage," she says, masturbating her big clit while you watch in close-up. Bet that makes you hard too.

7Min 59Sec Video


Oksana - "So You Like Muscles"
"So you like muscles," female bodybuilder Oksana says as she poses in the gym, showing off the mature, defined muscles of her biceps, pecs, legs and glutes, then taking off her panties so she's naked and you can see her big clit in close-up. You like that?

7Min 22Sec Video




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